Ready To Sell Your Place?

Selling your home is all about proper preparation. Knowing what’s out there, getting your place looking its best and pricing it to sell. Once those basics are in place, a targeted, creative marketing plan with professionally designed materials will make you stand out from the crowd.

Scope out the Competition

We need to know what’s out there so we know what we’re up against. We’re competing against all the other homes on the market so it’s important to analyze the price, what’s included, how it shows to prospective purchasers, how long it’s been listed and just how many are out there in our price range and in our neighborhood.  Once we have a complete picture we’ll have the information we need make it happen.

Look Good, Smell Good

I have found home staging and professional photography to be the key to a fast and efficient sale. If you look good and smell good people will hang around long enough to notice the best features of your home and see why they should buy it. Some people need a little staging help, some need a lot, whatever your situation we’ll make it happen. More on this topic in the Home Staging section of the site.

Hot, Hot, Hot

The hottest period for your listing will be within the first two weeks. Serious buyers are monitoring what’s on the market and quickly get out there to see the latest and greatest. If an offer comes in, it’s always in your best interest to try and work with it.  After the first two or three weeks traffic can drop off significantly and after 45 days our listing starts to become stale.  I can’t impress upon my clients enough how important it is to be 100% prepared with staging, photography and good marketing materials when you first put your home on the market.

A Bird in the Hand

I will coordinate the showings of your property and continually follow up with visitors to determine who is interested and how interested they are.  When an offer comes in we will evaluate all aspects of it, including price, closing assistance, timing and anything else that might be important to you or the potential buyer.  I have represented the seller in over 600 home sales so I promise you are in good hands when it comes to negotiating a deal that works for you.

Coordinate and Close

Monitoring contingencies, responding to home inspection issues, working with appraisers, ordering condominium packages, HUD1 reviews and final walk through preparation, don’t worry, I’ll coordinate everything and you will be at the closing table in no time.

You can always contact me via email at or text me at 703.283.3154 and get a quick response.

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