Home Staging

Living in your home and marketing your home for sale are two very different things. The whole purpose of staging is to highlight the best features and detract from those areas that are less desirable. It’s about making things look spacious and clean and allowing a buyer to easily see themselves living in that space.

Staging involves a few key steps and may or may not cost you anything. My time is yours, any outside costs would be for additional furniture or accessories that might be necessary to complete the effect or for things like professional cleaning services. The more you are willing to do to make your place look great before it hits the market, the more money you will make.

Don’t Take It Personally

De-cluttering and de-personalizing is key. No family pictures, no diplomas hanging on the wall, nothing that lets people know who you are or draw any conclusions about your job, your family or why you’re selling your home. All of those things could potentially impact negotiations.

You Can’t Hide

Don’t kid yourself, people will open every door, every cupboard and every drawer when they look through your home. Everything but the essentials needs to be cleaned out and thrown out or stored away somewhere appropriate. Then those essentials need to be neat and organized. Cluttered or messy closets, cabinets and drawers just scream, “This place doesn’t have enough storage!” to a prospective buyer.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

Every room has a purpose for which it was designed. We need to stage your home with that in mind. With a few rare exceptions, bedrooms should be set up to sleep, dining rooms should be set up to eat and in today’s tech savvy world, there should always be a place to work on the computer and watch TV.

Secrets to Success

There are a few little secrets to good staging that Accredited Staging Professionals know. Because I’m one of them, I’ll make sure the finishing touches that will really make your home show and photograph well are all in place.

You can always contact me via email at vicki@vickijohnston.com or text me at 703.283.3154 and get a quick response.

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